Wednesday, 14 January 2009

I really liked the idea of going back over the year and showing some of the before and afters so I went back through some photos and found these, just a few of the things I've completed in 2008. Although some rooms still aren't exactly "completed"...need a rug here and there and few more bits and pieces...but I think that will probably be never ending!! Actually makes you feel kind of good going back and seeing what we've achieved.

And this just started...the dreaded backyard. Turf was put down this past weekend and we will be trying to get the gardens done this coming weekend. But what an improvement already.

And our first vegie patch...although I think we planted a bit too many in this one little garden and it has gone crazy. We have planted a passion fruit vine to grow up over the lattice.


Katrina Chambers said...

Hi Danielle, I loved seeing your before and after. Great job on the sideboard! good luck with the garden. Give me interior make-overs any day... not the garden ahhh!!

ness lockyer said...

I too love seeing before and afters and I understand what you mean about realising what you have done by looking at the before pics.
Great job.
Ness xx

Katie @ said...

Danielle, what a beautiful home! I am completely envious of how it has all come together. We're in the middle of remodeling our kitchen in Germany. Seeing your finished projects--sooo inspiring!

Millie said...

Gosh you've been working hard Danielle - well done, it's looking fabulous. The long white cabinet is simply inspirational, love the storage baskets you've added.
Millie ^_^