Saturday, 15 November 2008

Ok I've been a little slack on this blogging thing but it has been hard to find the time really. I have been getting home from work and painting like a mad woman. Finally finished the front lounge room this week and today moved the lounge back in and a few bits and pieces. On my wish list for this room is some Aubusson cushions, Aubusson rug, new coffee table and some additional seating like two single chairs. But so far, working with what I've got, I'm quiet happy with it.

The floors still have to be done yet so won't put too much back in this room until they are refinished.

My dining room is also taking shape, just need things for the walls and maybe a rug under the table. This room joins the lounge room above.

Although Halloween isn't a big thing here in Australia, my sister and I decided to dress the kids up for Halloween this year. My very talented mother made them each a little felt pumpkin bag and also got lollypops and covered them with white tissue paper and turned them into little ghosts, they were gorgeous and we got many comments on them. They had an absolute ball, even getting money from one of the neighbours! They then had a sleep over, if you could call it that, as they talked and giggled for most of the night.

Hope everyone has a great weekend...