Monday, 28 April 2008

To me (well for last week anyway). We have had a birthday, Anzac long weekend and our 7th wedding anniversary just gone (although almost forgot the wedding anniversary which is a bit sad).

Of course I was spoilt again...the lovely card above is from my sister and she also gave me a gift voucher to a store I have been dying to do to since it opened.

This cute little card is from my niece into her mothers scrap booking stash I think!!! Thanks Kaitlyn xx

My parents also gave me a gift card for this store...I can not wait! Mum also made me this gorgeous scarf (although a bit hard to photograph). Very shabby chic indeed...
Finally got around to painting the feature wall in my bedroom and absolutely loved much so that now we have decided to do the whole room in it!!! We then started going through the rest of the original part of the house that needs repainting and decorating and decided to do the dining room in this same colour as well. It doesn't happen often but I love when something comes out the way you had planned it would look in your head!!! This photo really doesn't do the colour justice...

I have also managed to talk my hubby into painting our bed white (I'll do the painting - he just had to agree)...

Another project almost completed is the frame below...I'm going to try something I found on this lovely blog Romantic Home...although not as ornate as her mirror but this might be a good little starting project to see how it turns out. I was planning on putting this frame on the wall and placing some plates inside? Will see how it goes once the dining room is painted.
On Saturday we took Ryan to the Sydney Aquarium which was a whole heap of fun...we could have spent hours in the underwater tunnel watching the sharks and giant sting rays. It was very hard to get any decent photos through the glass, especially with my camera playing up, but managed to get these few.
I love the first two photos...hard to believe but there was actually a glass wall in between Ryan and the Seal.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

OK here is an update on what has been going on around here...not much really!! Have been stuck in a rut the last 2 weeks or so as so much needs to be done I've been totally overwhelmed. I need to go back to my basics and concentrate on one room at a time. Only problem is that I keep coming up with ideas for other rooms that are yet to be started here was my mother made me a "padfolio" shabby chic style and it has now become my ideas journal so whenever I'm in the shower and come up with all these brilliant ideas (which is when I do my best thinking!!) or lying awake in bed thinking way too much I can just jot down my thoughts/ideas etc. in this...pretty neat hey?

I have managed to complete one door!! Yep you heard right one door only...each coat takes about 48 hours to dry so needless to say this ONE door has taken a long time...but certainly finishes off that side of the just to get the blinds and the family room is finished.

I won this little gem off eBay a few weeks ago but it had wallpaper glued to the top which was just a lovely touch!! So that came off, sanded it back and a few coats of paint later...taa daa...

I have been looking for one of these for ages and was so happy when I won it and all for only $24.

Some photos of my gorgeous little man...I have been trying to take more photos of him as he is just growing up so fast (and also getting cheekier..if there is such a word?). I can't believe he will be 4 this year. We have also started talking about having another one but might wait till this one starts school (and I get my drivers licence!!).