Monday, 30 June 2008

For my birthday in April my boss gave me a "weekend away" on him so I have been searching for somewhere to stay. Whilst searching on the Internet looking for B&B's or Cottages to stay at I came across gorgeous are they? They are located in Asheville in the United States (sorry not sure where this is?).
Biltmore Village Inn

1899 Black Walnut B&B

1899 Wright Inn to decide which one to stay at....think I'll go with Wright Inn.
Off to pack my bags.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

So this is what I've been up to the last week or so...painting, painting and more painting...and still not finished. Although don't think that will be possible for a long time yet!!
I decided to tackle the dining & lounge room as I was definitely over the yellow. Here is the mess we have been living with! I do love this new colour, although it doesn't come up very well with my camera. It is called Hogs Bristle by Dulux and everything seems to go well with it.
Also thought I would show some before and afters of our extension/renovation of the outside as I don't think I have put them on here before. There is still a way to go mind you. I just love seeing before & afters on peoples blogs...

I didn't get to take a photo of the back "before" they started demolishing it but basically it just had a big covered deck coming straight out of the back (coming out of the french doors stepping straight onto the deck) and it also had an outside laundry which is now inside.

We removed the old garage as it was on a major lean and made of asbestos (which my darling father & husband removed - carefully!!). We are all amazed that it was actually still standing as there were only 3 posts still touching the ground. It was replaced by a slightly bigger than single garage (and not for use by the car...oh no, it presently holds all the stuff we can't fit into the house!!).

And to finish up with my gorgeous little man...and yay he finally fits his Thomas jumper that my Nan made him. This is an extra special jumper and a long time in the making. Thanks Nan xx.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

I have always been into "drive bys" and on some recent blogs I have noticed that I'm not alone! We usually go out for drives up the mountains or just around the local area and "sticky beak" at all the lovely houses. I have never thought to actually take my camera with me though so I decided to give it a try this past weekend and take a few shots.

Only a few turned out and I also felt nervous like I was doing something very naughty! Anyway these are a few of the better shots I got. The first one is just around the corner from my house and the other two are about 10 minutes away (they are set quiet far back from the road so hard to get a good shot).
I will try and get some more next drive by...there are so many gorgeous old homes around our area and would love to share.