Sunday, 28 October 2007

Almost there...

Well I had grand plans of having the new living room finished today but alas it was not meant to be. My hands were starting to ache from holding the paint brush all day so didn't get to do the architraves and frames. But it will definitely be finished next weekend.

I was almost in tears as I opened the tin of paint and started cutting in as the colour was nothing like the sample pot I had tested on the was definitely different. So I rang the paint shop and he checked that they had done the correct measurements of colour etc. which they had and then said that apart from spending another $135 to get another 10ltr tin in a different colour, there was nothing they could do. Hubby kept trying to reassure me and told me to wait until it was all finished and see what it looked like and if I really really didn't like it we would repaint! What a treasure (as my mother would say).

Well guess what....we both LOVE it! The photos below don't really show up the colour very well but it is pretty much what I had envisioned.

So next weekend we will finish off and then the most exciting part...furnishing the room!! This is the lounge suite I am getting...although not sure on going with the white or beige? What do you think (bearing in mind the 3 year old munchkin!!) They are removable covers so that is a big plus and maybe I could go the white and buy the beige slip covers? Oh decisions, decisions... (I am going for the three seater). I am also going to get the single seater as well and again decisions, decisions about that cover as well.

My darling wonderful fabulous father (is that enough sucking up?? he he) is coming with us in his car and trailer to pick up all the furniture. Oh happy days...

I also started a quick project of painting my hall stand so will update shortly with before and afters.

Well off to rest my soon to be aching arms...

Friday, 26 October 2007

Home work

I have been working from home the last 2 days and loving it. Have managed to get more work done in these 2 days than I get done in a week at the office!!! And have managed to get all the washing, cleaning done at the same time! Talk about multi tasking...go me.

Will see how today goes though as my little man is home with a very bad tummy ache and a temperature.

My husband is off this afternoon to pick up our new outdoor setting from Recollections. Funny thing is we went there last Saturday to buy our ensuite basin and taps and ended up buying the outdoor setting as well. Although that seems to happen a lot to me when I go to that shop! Everything is just gorgeous in there. Here is a photo...
Here is a work in progress picture of the back deck area that the table will be going on.

We are going to get a new BBQ and I have a white cane setting that I am going to put outside our new bedroom (the french doors on the left).

Our extensions added a new living room, main bedroom, ensuite and walk in robe plus moved the laundry inside.
This weekend we will finally have the living room painting finished. Here is the before shot and I will post the after shot on the weekend. The ceiling was done on the weekend just gone. Don't you love the colour patches on the walls! And I'm still not sure if I made the right choice. I always have this problem that I have the exact look in my head but it never turns out the same way! Well I guess it is only paint...

Well I guess I better go and get some more work done!

Wednesday, 24 October 2007


Well at least that is what my mum and sister will be saying when they see this entry!
Of course I have been an avid reader of various blogs (think you call that lurking?). Some I have to read everyday to get my fix.Anyway so I decided to create my own and chronical the exciting life (not) and times of ME.
I guess you probably should know a little bit about me first though...I am a mother, I work full time, aunty (to 3 beautiful little girls), I love all things to do with decorating (especially on a budget), shabby chic, french provincial, collecting (old bone china at the moment), shopping for furniture/antiques/old wares and painting everything white!
I also have a very tolerant and wonderful husband and an absolutely adorable (well most of the time) son who is 3.
We live in our little cottage in Windsor located in the Hawkesbury district and have recently just had major renovations and extensions. Thus most of my blogging will probably be based around that.
Here is a before shot of our little house. This is pretty much how we bought it.

This is an after shot. We totally reclad the entire house, new colourbond roof and re-pitched the roof over the front window.

Of course the front is still not finished. We are getting a bobcat in to rip up all the old grass (or should I say weeds) and the pathway and lay new turf and path down.

Well I think that about does it for my first entry...mum & better be reading this!!!