Saturday, 14 February 2009

I have a thing for plates on walls...doesn't everyone?? Ok maybe not but anyway I decided to browse through google images and came across some of these beautiful images of plate art.

Canadian House & Home

unknown source
And have a look at this...amazing. This is located Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica, CA using Spode.

Images 1,4&5 from
And some of my own plates. The best idea I came across sometime ago with hanging these plates is to lay out a huge piece of paper on the floor or table and lay the plates in the pattern you wish, you can then rearrange till you get the right look, then draw around each plate and make a small mark where the hanger is positioned.

Then sticky tape/blue tac the paper to the wall, making sure it is centered and level. I then got the nail part of the hanger and hammered each nail where I had previously marked. Remove the paper from the wall and you are left with a nail in each place you need to put the hangers. Then simply hang your plates in their spots. It was so simple and the plates are in the perfect spot without the need for multiple holes in the walls!
And just because I haven't posted a photo of Ryan for awhile, here is my favourite current photo.