Monday, 25 February 2008

Have been doing a fair bit around here lately in terms of the house and my jewellery making. These earrings are for mum to match a necklace I made her and the bracelet is for my sister. She requested lime green and I threw in a bit of pink as well...actually want to keep it for myself...maybe have to make a twin. I did make myself a nice simple pearl necklace though with a lovely little diamond clasp. You will have to excuse the photos as my camera is dying...

We have just started on our new master bedroom, washing the walls down and filling all the nail holes. My little man was a big help (with getting water everywhere!) and now it is already for the undercoat to go on one night this week. Am yet to pick the colour for the feature wall to go behind the bedhead so might go looking today.

This is the wall I am going to put the bed head against...

The french doors that lead out to the back veranda...

The door on the left is the ensuite and door on the right is the walk in robe (the other door is the entrance door to the room from the family room).

My little man has been a little more co-operative lately when the camera comes out but this is now what I get...striking a pose...his cousin would be so proud??

Hubby and I have found our dream houses (for when we win the lottery, which will probably be never so seeing we don't actually buy any tickets!). The "dolls house" is in the most beautiful little town of Bilpin (about 30 minutes from us) down a little country lane (read dirt road) and has the most spectacular grounds and view. I have already decided on the colours we are going to paint the outside as I don't like the brown shingles. And hubby decided that we could build some little cabins on the property and start a Bed and Breakfast. It appeared to be empty so we drove right down the driveway up to the front of the house. It is up for Auction and for more photos go here

This one is only 5 minutes from our place. The photos seriously do not do it is truly something you have to see for yourself as the grounds (or should I say acres & acres) are magnificent. It has been set up for polo matches with beautiful little grandstands and horse stables. I can definitely see Princes William & Harry playing polo here. Even the fencing is amazing. This one is not for sale although when that money from the lottery comes our way I will be knocking on their door!! In the second photo...see the lawn...well that is what the entire acreage is like.

Guess I better stop drooling, go buy a lottery ticket and get some work done...have a great day x

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Two posts in two days...what is going on!

Just wanted to share this little cottage I found here I can picture myself living in this very easily....

And some inspiration for my lounge room makeover (all photos courtesy of Not sure on colouring for this room yet but I like the light and fresh look in these rooms.

And once all the work on the house is finished...I will need one of these in the back yard.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Busy weekend for the Little Man

What a weekend the Little Man had...first up was our trip to the Blue Mountains. Funny story to go with this actually...we heard about a great weekend in Winter last year that Scenic World were holding where the kids could feel like they were in the snow. Well this sounded great seeing as the kids had never seen snow and even I had only seen it once. So off we go, my sister, niece, little man and I for the hour and a half drive up the Mountains to see this "spectacular" snow event.

It was bitterly cold but we were all so excited that this didn't bother us. We arrived to NO SNOW and a few little tents which held a colouring in competition, face painting and a "find the prize" game. To say we were disappointed was an understatment and everyone else was complaining as well. Then they announced that there was going to be a "snow blizzard" starting at 11:00am so we waited for that to happen and guess was just giant fans blowing detergent bubbles!!! Can you believe it! After hyping the kids up to see the snow we left very disappointed with the whole thing and then drove the hour and a half back.

Anyway, got back to tell everyone about our day and Mum decided to write a complaint to the place and a few days later we received a family pass to go back up there and have full use of the Skyway etc. So this is what we did on Saturday. However, when we turned the corner just before the place it was blanketed in complete white! My sister and I just looked at each other and decided we were never meant to come back to this place.

We proceeded anyway and thought what the heck the pass was free and we could still have fun. Our first ride was on the Skyway and going over was still very white. We could see a little as we went through the cloud and then whilst we were waiting for the return trip, all of a sudden the cloud just lifted and we had a perfectly clear sky! It was amazing and needless to say we had a faboulous rest of the day!

This is when the cloud started lifting

At least he isn't scared of is the little man looking through the floor of the skyway
My niece, Little Man and a big Kangaroo

The Three Sisters

The little man then had a sleep over with his cousin and on the Sunday the kids were taken out on another secret adventure day by my Mum and Dad. They caught the ferry into the city and to Darling Harbour and went to the IMAX cinema and saw the Dinosaur movie in 3D. Mum and Dad said it was hilarious watching the kids trying to "catch" things as they came out of the screen.

I must say I have never seen Mum and Dad looking so exhausted after their big adventure! But my Little Man certainly had a lot to tell at Pre-School yesterday.