Monday, 24 March 2008

Hippity Hoppity

The Easter Bunny definitely came to our house...and we have the photos to prove it! The look on Ryan's face when he saw these footprints was priceless.
He had his first Easter Bonnet parade on Thursday at preschool and they put on an afternoon tea and Easter egg hunt for the kids. Unfortunately I forgot to take the camera!

The Easter Bunny turned up and upon closer inspection by Mr 3 year old he informed me that it was a "fake Easter bunny" so I asked how he could tell and he said "it has man eyes"...I couldn't stop laughing...I didn't even notice that you could see right through the gauze to the person inside the suit. He refused to go near it after that.

Last Sunday we visited my parents for Dad's birthday and had a great time painting some eggs, feeding the kookaburras and jumping on the trampoline with the hose on. My adorable nan and pop were also there and had such a lovely day with the whole family.

Nan has been diagnosed with mild alzheimers recently which has shaken us all up a bit. She had a really good day on Sunday. Mum and Dad have taken them away for the long weekend to Melbourne to visit my brother (who is stationed at HMAS Cerberus) so I hope they have a lovely time.

This past Saturday saw us venture into the city to see the Dinosaur exhibition at the Australian Museum. It was such a great day and Ryan had an absolute blast with all the skeletons and dinosaurs they had on display. They have a fantastic kids space with so many things to touch and feel, although he kept asking who had shot all the animals and why. We then headed over to Hyde Park for a picnic lunch. Catching the train was the best way to stressful city driving or trying to find a car park!

Absolutely nothing has been done to the house the past few weekends but will hopefully get stuck into it soon. I did manage get some sample pots of the paint for the master bedroom though.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Help...I'm stuck in two minds...the colour on the walls in this picture was my original idea for our bedroom...what do you think - go for the lighter colour (which will blend in with the family room) or go the slightly darker tone?

How cute are those little beds??
Just a quick post today...I have found the inspiration for my new bedroom (thanks to Chris discovered this wonderful site They have the most beautful pictures in their gallery section so go and check them out...

The walls are basically the same colour as my family room but I think this should be ok as they will seem to flow as the bedroom is off the family room. My bed is currently black wrought iron so will be attacking that with some white paint very soon and my chandeleir is already hung and I painted my bedside drawers white some time ago! Can't wait to get stuck in and finish it off now...