Friday, 25 September 2009

Don't you just love chalkboards...I finally finished this little project after admiring all the images that have been shown on some lovely sites/blogs, and with my shocking memory I thought this would be a great idea to put on the wall in the kitchen for reminder notes and dates...although my little man thinks it is also fun to draw dinosaurs eating the flower I drew on it!
A few more things to finish off in this room and then we are done...onto the next!
Some inspirational images I found.

How gorgeous is this children's bedroom


Friday, 11 September 2009

Gee even on 2 weeks leave I couldn't find time to maintain this blog! But I have managed to get so many things done and have enjoyed every minute of my time off. It is so much fun playing house, changing things around and spring cleaning.
Even the sewing machine came out. Thought I'd try my hand at making this simple little cushion out of hessian (my favourite thing at the moment). Actually turned out ok for my first try! Next I'm going to attempt a ruffle and some sort of detailing.
Spring is definitely here...twin goats born on the farm at my in-laws.