Saturday, 31 January 2009

I really should be out building my new gardens but it is sooo hot out there at the moment so here I am having a lovely look around blog land and all the lovely new discoveries I've made...boy there are some very talented people out there! Just thought I'd throw a few more photos in of my little cottage. Everything has taken on a whole different look with the new colour on the floors.

This is photo is at the request of my mother as she can't seem to take good close up shots of things with her camera...the door to my bedroom will not stay open no matter what he have tried to do to it so my mother made me this little door stop and also this handy door slam saver (or as my darling husband called it "a door bra" hmmm!!). Gee it's great having such a talented mother. Now to just sweet talk her into making something for my Coleman walking doll to wear...poor thing is completely naked except for shoes!

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Playing around with the front lounge room after the floors were done. My shopping list for this room (so far!)...rug, paint coffee table/trunk white, curtains, lamp and aubusson cushions for lounge.

I've moved all my blue and white into the one cabinet.

My mother-in-law gave me this cute little cup to pass down to Ryan. It was given to her father when he was little. I love knowing the history of things and came across this site all about the artist, Gladys Peto. Wonderful thing the internet!

It is Australia Day tomorrow and we will be spending time up at the river which has become our favourite little spot on this day for the past few years. Happy Australia Day everyone...

Friday, 23 January 2009

Look what finally got done this week...although it turned out nothing like we imagined! A lot darker than we planned but I guess these things happen. Probably a bit of a shock as well as we have lived with the yellowing floors for the past 8 to just move everything back in (maybe some rugs might in order now!).
And this is mostly for my mum...I have been after an antique doll for quiet sometime but something a little here she is, an early 1900's Coleman Walking Doll also known as a Birdcage doll. She needs a little bit of a clean up and yes...a new arm maybe but I think she's pretty unique. The guy I bought this from in America on ebay was not a happy chappy...he was rather shocked at how much I got her for! Now on the search for some lovely old clothes.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

I really liked the idea of going back over the year and showing some of the before and afters so I went back through some photos and found these, just a few of the things I've completed in 2008. Although some rooms still aren't exactly "completed"...need a rug here and there and few more bits and pieces...but I think that will probably be never ending!! Actually makes you feel kind of good going back and seeing what we've achieved.

And this just started...the dreaded backyard. Turf was put down this past weekend and we will be trying to get the gardens done this coming weekend. But what an improvement already.

And our first vegie patch...although I think we planted a bit too many in this one little garden and it has gone crazy. We have planted a passion fruit vine to grow up over the lattice.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Another Christmas over and truth be told I couldn't wait to pack up all the Christmas decorations this year. I normally wait till the 2nd January but just felt like I was over it this year. But I do love the fact that once the decorations are down it's like a clean slate and I love redecorating and moving furniture around. Fun fun...will take some photos of the lounge soon for you as I have added a few bits and pieces although still have to get the floors done so don't want to put to much in this room as I'll just have to move it all back out again.
Photo of my son and niece on Christmas Day (and playing with my new this shot)

The newest members of our family...T-Rex (black) and Frenzy (grey).
They are Velvet Rex Rabbits and are exceptionally soft.
I ended up making another one of these for my other niece...
the colours match her bedroom perfectly.

This table is one of my latest garage sale purchase for $13

and this is one of my latest ebay purchases... loving vintage globes at the moment and hoping to use them in Ryan's new room...although still trying to source a vintage looking world map/wallpaper for his room...if anyone knows where I could get one??? and white...still a favourite and something I always seem to go back to.

I have ended up using it in the lounge room (photos to come!!)