Sunday, 12 October 2008

Gee time flies when you are having fun! Well not so much fun having to change jobs but am so glad I had to go through the mess to come out the other side and find a great job without all the stress and pressure that I've had to deal with for the past 16 years and it is also only 5 minutes from home. It has been lovely to be able to come home and spend more time with Ryan and Hubby and especially now since Day Light Saving has started.

We have almost finished the formal lounge room...this room has taken quiet awhile as we discovered there had been previous water damage to the ceiling and the previous owner had tried to do a dodgy patch job. So photos will be forthcoming (very soon...I hope!).

On another note I went to my first "live" auction up at Mudgee and it was so much fun. These are just some of my purchases on the day. We are already planning for the next Auction to be held in March next year...*note to self...take trailer!!!
I think these are called Shoe Stays...I only wanted this particular one but ended up with 5 different types in the lot

The slipper chair was a spur of the moment (or should I say "heat of the moment") buy but plan on getting it recovered and put in my new bedroom.

I've wanted one of these hat boxes/travel cases for awhile...this one is in near perfect condition including the original luggage tag.

I actually bid on this old typewriter only because no one else had bid on it so when the Auctioneer offered it up for $5 I put my number up without even thinking...then someone yelled out that it was worth a bit of money so someone else had the next bid at $10 and I quickly put my hand up again (hands have a habit of doing that in Auctions!!) and won it for $15. I came home and did some research on it and it turns out to be a 1929 Royal Typewriter made in New York with an approx. value of $500 US!

I got a few other bits and pieces as well but just had so much fun...although sat there for 7 hours straight (because I didn't want to miss anything!)...another note to self...pack picnic lunch for next time.

Hope everyone has a great week...