Wednesday, 30 July 2008

I did not realise how much time has flown by since I last posted...sorry about that! So much has been happening around here that it would make for a very long (and probably borish post) to tell you all about it. But suffice to say that things "have" been happening, blinds are all installed (photos to come later), carpet in new master bedroom is being layed tomorrow so will updated with photos on that as well.
But the most important thing about this past month was that my baby turned 4 on Sunday...I know everyone says that they can't believe how fast their little ones grow up but is mind blowing how fast these past 4 years have gone and I am more in love with him everyday.
And of course the older they get the cheekier they get!!
This was his 4th birthday cake as he requested...Optimus Prime (Transformers) cake from his Aunty Lisa.

I promise I will be back with house photo updates....promise.