Sunday, 4 January 2009

Another Christmas over and truth be told I couldn't wait to pack up all the Christmas decorations this year. I normally wait till the 2nd January but just felt like I was over it this year. But I do love the fact that once the decorations are down it's like a clean slate and I love redecorating and moving furniture around. Fun fun...will take some photos of the lounge soon for you as I have added a few bits and pieces although still have to get the floors done so don't want to put to much in this room as I'll just have to move it all back out again.
Photo of my son and niece on Christmas Day (and playing with my new this shot)

The newest members of our family...T-Rex (black) and Frenzy (grey).
They are Velvet Rex Rabbits and are exceptionally soft.
I ended up making another one of these for my other niece...
the colours match her bedroom perfectly.

This table is one of my latest garage sale purchase for $13

and this is one of my latest ebay purchases... loving vintage globes at the moment and hoping to use them in Ryan's new room...although still trying to source a vintage looking world map/wallpaper for his room...if anyone knows where I could get one??? and white...still a favourite and something I always seem to go back to.

I have ended up using it in the lounge room (photos to come!!)

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Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

I have to say those rabbits are cute. I've had a couple of rabbits at different times in my life. When my sister and I live together we had Feebee and she was a darling.. But when I was married I had a rabbit called Wibur, and wilbur was very special in the sense of it acting like a dog. Loved and miss them both dearly! Beware of wires hanging around!!