Thursday, 29 November 2007

Lots going on

Will have to catch up on a bit in this post...first things first...we have finally moved into our new family room!! are few photos of the room so far which I'm very happy with...just need to get a rug and a few other bits and pieces and need a lamp for that little table in the corner. And of course I want to get plantation shutters for the big window behind the lounge. The thing hanging over the chair below is a christmas wall hanging that mum made me which will go up this weekend along with the christmas tree and lights.

Hubby has bought my christmas present...early...these are 1872 antique prints from Alice in Wonderland. Thought they would look lovely in black frames for the new family room.

And my new collection has begun...I am collecting old books! I especially love when they have inscriptions in the front covers with dates. A lot of these old books don't seem to have publishing dates so the only way I have been able to date them is by the inscriptions. My oldest is the Robinson Crusoe. It is in excellent condition considering it is 130 years old! Although not a very good photo but you can just make out the date Christmas 1878. They are so interesting and will look lovely in my new book shelf.

I have finally got my laundry powder tin and will try and finish off some more of the laundry this weekend and post some photos. Just need to paint the shelf and hang a few things up. Although STILL waiting for the tiling to be finished!!

And, because I know that my Nan dosen't get on the internet (or any computer for that matter) I can show you the necklace I made her for her her favourite colour of course...purple.

Well that will have to do it for now...

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