Thursday, 21 August 2008

Yes time for a change...and also decided on a whole new name for my blog as I haven't been happy with Shabby Windsor Cottage...originally when I started this blog I was all about Shabby Chic and just loved the style however whilst doing all these renovations and basically getting to start from scratch in some rooms and use what I have in others I have come to discover that I don't actually feel that it is for me...although I do still love to see other people's homes decorated in this style and do have a few elements of Shabby Chic in my home.

I guess I'm just decorating to what I like and mixing it up a little...vintage, french country, cottage whatever takes my fancy and just trying to put it altogether. So hope you like my new look (not sure how long this one will last) and the above makes some sense!

And because I don't like posting without a photo...thought I'd share what my holiday cottage is going to look like one day...he he. These come from the movie The Holiday and this was Kate Winslet's little home. It is a must see movie (even just for the decor!). I know everyone has probably seen these a million times but I love them.

(photos are from Cote De Texas not sure of original source)


Katrina Chambers said...

Your new blog look is great! I also love your little holiday house (ha). So cozy and romantic!!

Danielle said...

Thanks Katrina, you are welcome to use it anytime!

Kelly of The Vintage Butterfly Boutique said...

They say that if you decorate with things you love, it will evolve into something that works together, eventually.
I'm decorating this way, a little this, a little that.
Mucho vintage, a little shabby, a little romantic...whatever I love.
I'm feeling really happy about how things are looking. :)