Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Just gathering ideas for our lounge room. The first picture below is some inspiration for this room.

I had plans to get our existing lounge slip covered, however I just discovered that it would be cheaper for me to buy 2 new ones!

Love the Aubusson style rugs and pillows pictured below, going with the blue tones and I have an existing storage box that I will paint and put little legs on as pictured below and use this for the coffee table. I will also use my existing display cabinet and am on the look out for an old side table/cabinet for an empty corner.

The walls are painted in my new favourite colour, Dulux Hogs Bristle with White Watsonia above the picture rail.

(source unknown sorry)

Antoinette Needlepoint


Antoinette Needlepoint

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Villa Anna said...

Danielle, I have an almost exact pillow to that blue one I bought from Antoinette needlepoint :) They are gorgeous!

I LOVE the inspiration for your living room. I will someday do my formal living room very similar.

Anna :)