Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Warning...big rant about Ikea ahead...

Well where do I start about Ikea! Was so looking forward to getting my lounge and other stuff and even planned a big day out with the whole family, mum, dad, sister, niece, husband and son. So before I left I just thought I would check with Ikea to make sure they did have the lounge I wanted in stock and the lady said sorry it would not be in the warehouse till next weekend. So a little disappointed there, rang Dad to tell him not to worry about the trailer and that we would just get the other stuff that would fit in both cars.

So off we went had a lovely look around and picked out everything I wanted and Dad suggested I ask about the 3 seater lounge being out of stock. Well I asked and....guess what....they had 5 in stock!!! The sales person said that they are told to tell customers that if they have any less than 5 in stock that they are "out of stock" - get that!!! I even told her I was going that very day to pick it up. So poor (darling wonderful) dad went all the way back home and got the trailer.

We got over that and went on our merry way (which was lovely I must say) through the rest of the shop and down to pick up the self serve items...as you can guess - both items I was after were not in stock!!! So another disappointment but we moved on through the check outs and went down to the warehouse end put the order in and were told 20 minutes wait. By this time Dad had arrived back but they would not let him park so he had to keep driving around and around.

After 25 minutes (yes getting a little impatient) I went to enquire what was happening and how much longer and they said that they picked the wrong lounges and so had to wait longer. Dad ended up sweet talking the security guy to letting him park which was a small blessing. In the end we waited about an hour! Finally got everything out and hit the road back home.

Quickly organised a BBQ for everyone (lunch at 4:00pm!!!) and had our first meal out on our new deck and table & chairs, which was really nice. And after all that, then forgot to give mum her necklace I made!!!

So there you have it...our wonderful Sunday Ikea trip. And we still have to go back and get the rest of the items that were out of stock!!! arrgghh....

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