Wednesday, 24 October 2007


Well at least that is what my mum and sister will be saying when they see this entry!
Of course I have been an avid reader of various blogs (think you call that lurking?). Some I have to read everyday to get my fix.Anyway so I decided to create my own and chronical the exciting life (not) and times of ME.
I guess you probably should know a little bit about me first though...I am a mother, I work full time, aunty (to 3 beautiful little girls), I love all things to do with decorating (especially on a budget), shabby chic, french provincial, collecting (old bone china at the moment), shopping for furniture/antiques/old wares and painting everything white!
I also have a very tolerant and wonderful husband and an absolutely adorable (well most of the time) son who is 3.
We live in our little cottage in Windsor located in the Hawkesbury district and have recently just had major renovations and extensions. Thus most of my blogging will probably be based around that.
Here is a before shot of our little house. This is pretty much how we bought it.

This is an after shot. We totally reclad the entire house, new colourbond roof and re-pitched the roof over the front window.

Of course the front is still not finished. We are getting a bobcat in to rip up all the old grass (or should I say weeds) and the pathway and lay new turf and path down.

Well I think that about does it for my first entry...mum & better be reading this!!!

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