Saturday, 22 January 2011

Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and New Year...January is just flying by and I am determined to get a few of my many projects done!

I have had some time recently to get back to my favourite blog reads and the before and afters have especially inspired me to get a move on with my own projects.

Yesterday I discovered a new nursery over near my parents that has a small decorating section. They had 50% off and I picked up this lovely little teapot, creamer and sugar set. They are porcelain but made to look like old enamel cute.
I really need to get some curtains...maybe a trip to Ikea next weekend is in order!

Whilst out and about today we found a huge garage sale where I picked up this cute little children's chair which looks similar to a brentwood chair. Just needs a little clean up and will be added to my ever growing chair collection!


Raine and Sage said...

What a lovely tea set, the birds are so sweet as is the colour blue. Great find with the bentwood - gorgeous!!

chair up said...

Hi Danielle. Your home is so lovely. What a great buy the tea set was. It's very cute.
Have fun finding curtains at IKEA. Last week I took my sister there as she'd never been. Unfortunately she felt really unwell once we arrived so we almost sprinted through the place and she didn't reslly take much of it in. She was visiting from NZ and they don't have IKEA there yet. She'll just have to come back for another visit.

Kym said...

Danielle, I adore your home is beautiful and that sweet tea set is divine. Hope to see more your home soon. ~Kym

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Danielle
Your home is looking wonderful!
I'm in love with your tea set, I have a thing about sweet little birds.
The chair is so sweet, good to hear you're cleaning it up, but not painting it? I love natural old timber

Happy weekend to you

Daniele said...

Oi, Dani! We have name the same. I adored its house! The colors, the furniture, are charming. Little kisses in your heart.

Daniele said...

Thanks for you following me. Kisses