Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Took myself, Zoe and Mum off to the markets on Sunday morning early. I hadn't been to these markets for years and was imaging all the lovely things I'd find however we were sadly disappointed. There doesn't seem to be as many "junk" stalls as there used to be, mostly plants and clothing. I did find this cute little man just staring up at me and felt sorry for him so decided he had to come home with me. A little clean up and he now looks happy up on my wall...I wonder who he is??
I looked up the studio on google and discovered that the studio only operated from 1908 to 1913.
Mum has finished off the cot quilt for Zoe's room and has almost finished off the bed quilt as well. Hard to get a good photo, but looks lovely in person.

Another quilt my Mum made for me recently, this one will go in the guest room/office/playroom...the last room in the house to get renovated and probably the most difficult.

Anyone with some good ideas that will incorporate all these functions would be appreciated...even better...if you know of anyone that would love to come over and actually just do it would be appreciated even more!


Pamela said...

Great picture Danielle!!
Love the quilt your mum made for your baby. Very talented! I love quilts.
Pamela xo

Sam said...

Hello, what a beatiful quilt. Very talented.

The Distressed Mother said...

Danielle, I love your mum's quilts! Does she sell them?

TDM xx