Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I can not believe how fast this month has gone, to keep it short and sweet here is what I've been up to...we went away for Easter, camping at Nundle which was a lovely little country town (and have already booked for next year), had a birthday (although am trying to forget them now!!), finished painting the hallway and a few other things around the house and pretty much working my butt off at my day job. The word exhausted doesn't even cut it!!

Thank you to those that responded to my Kitchen door knob post...I went with the dark ones and what a difference that little change made.

Thought I'd share some photos from our around the house today.


Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Danielle great photos from around the house.

alice said...

Hi Danielle, Your home is beautiful! Love that book case!

h&b said...

Hi Danielle,

Can you tell me what paint colour you used for your bedroom wall?

Lovely blog - my first time here but I think I shall have to add it to my bloglines - you have a lovely style!

- Lea