Sunday, 7 September 2008

To the best Dad in the world...Happy Fathers Day...I hope you had a lovely day. Here he is with his little hobby...his Standard 10 at a recent All British car show.

My weekend away in Mudgee was absolutely wonderful. So relaxing and with just the two of us the time just seemed to go forever. We wandered around the town, practiced our "drive-bys" and just generally enjoyed the down time. My favourite place was actually on our way back home, we took a little detour and went through a little country town called Rylstone...almost every building was gorgeous even the Police Station was a beautiful old 1800's building. We were amazed at the Churches and the Train Stations...they used to build to the most stunning and ornate buildings.
This was the place we stayed at, the Cobb & Co Boutique Hotel which I highly recommend. It was right in the heart of town so we could walk everywhere and they also have a restaurant & bar.

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