Monday, 19 May 2008

Winter seems to have come early (ok only by 2 weeks) but it has been getting very fresh...makes me miss my fireplace! Snuggling up in front of it watching TV and with Ryan being a winter baby, having the fire was so lovely, my husband would make sure it was stacked up so that when I got up in the wee hours of the night/morning it would be roaring and I would sit in front of it and feed Ryan.

So I am on the look out for a "fake" fireplace (an electric one) to go in our new living that looks like if anyone knows where to get one please let me know.

Yesterday I finally got to Me & Mo's so I could use my gift vouchers...I could seriously have brought everything in the shop...there was nothing in there that I didn't like! I was so overwhelmed that I couldn't pick so decided to come back another time (but not before I got this little gem...I love these at the moment).

So yesterday I decided to start another project (yes I should learn to finish one before starting another!) but I was so sick of looking at the sideboard and decided to get started on it. These are the before photos and will update once finished (started sanding before I remembered to take photos). There are little drawers that fit into the little square holes. And you guessed is being painted White Watsonia (did you guess right Mum?)

That then left a big empty space so I moved the kitchen hutch into the dining room for now and put back all my blue and white china which had been packed away since the extensions were started. The walls in here are yellow but will soon be painted the same as the living area. This is the original part of the house and was painted when we first moved in 7 years ago so long overdue for some freshness. I really do need to get started on these rooms as we are having the floors redone and it would be wiser to paint now.

Yep plenty of stuff happening around here...oh and we finished off the first full coat of our bedroom. One more coat to go and then all the trim work to be done, carpet...oh and yes - the ensuite (you can't rush these things you know!!)
Here's Ryan and his teacher at swimming on Saturday...

He has been coming out with the funniest things lately...yesterday when I was rearranging furniture and cleaning I discovered some marks on the wall so went and got the Gumption - he says to me "is that Gumption" and I say "yes it is" and he says "good 'ol Gumption hey" a little old man!

Also yesterday morning whilst taking off his nighttime nappy I rolled it up and he says "wrap it up I'll take two"...where did that come from? Maybe a little too much TV for this kid!

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