Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Walking into my parents on Sunday and looking on their kitchen table I thought I must have walked into an antique store! They had just been to a huge Auction held in Mudgee and seemed to have bid on an awful lot of stuff. And the best part...most of it was for me. It felt like Christmas had come early. I got this lovely cup & saucer.

These beautiful glasses which I can just see some lovely desserts being served up.

And my favourite (as I am very partial to anything blue & white) are these. Don't they look lovely in my kitchen. Along with all the other changes going on around here, I'm also thinking of changing all the door knobs on the kitchen cabinets to chrome and also the power point covers...what do you think?

My very talented mother made me some place mats in shabby chic fabrics which turned out lovely.

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Anonymous said...

hello danielle,

that is soooo wonderful!!!!
i love it.

greatings conny