Friday, 25 January 2008

January (as well as the first week of February) is our birthday month, so every weekend has been taken up with some sort of party or get-together. This, of course, has left little or no time for anything to be done around our home. I have so much stuff in my head of all the things that need doing around here...think I better start making a list! So much needs doing I just don't know where to start and it is making my head spin. We seriously need to finish off the extension, that is a priority and get the outside finished. I am really sick of looking at Shrek's Swamp (our backyard after the bobcat dug it all up)!

One thing I really really want to get done is the kitchen floor...which I need your help the moment it has been sanded back to the bare floorboards. When the extension was put in we decided that we would make the new floorboards go through to the eating area just off the kitchen and when we could afford we would then re-do the entire house...but until such time we are stuck with what we have got. My thought was to put down some sort of lino/tile as a temporary measure. I had the idea of black and white tiles but not sure whether a lighter colour would be better? I do have the 2 new single lounges in black and white and I'm also getting some black and white cushions to put on the chairs in the photos at the dining table we use which is next to the kitchen? So what do you think? My kitchen is also very small...see photos below..(bearing in mind that the wall down the right hand side hasn't finished being painted yet)

I do love the black and white and am very into that at the moment however I think it might be a bit too much in this small space? Or if anyone has any other cheap simple ideas...please HELP....

On another note, look what I grew! And they won't stop flowering!

And some recent additions to my little collection of cups and saucers. The dark blue one is from my sweet little mother picked up on her travels around New South Wales and the light blue flower one is from my grandmother's collection.

I also took a photo of the crystals that I received for Christmas from my brother...I have had many comments about them (although they do look better in real life).

Tomorrow is Australia Day (and another family birthday!) which means we get a long weekend. We are heading up to the Grose River with my family for a picnic and some swimming. We did this last year and had a fantastic day...especially the kids (and big kids!) and we will also get to met my sisters boyfriend...should be a fun day all round.

Happy Australia Day everyone...


restyled home said...

What a nice post! I especially loved the kitchen photos...and I mean yours. There is a simple beauty to it and I wouldn't change too much. Love the baskets over the cupboards...really just love it all!

Take care,

chriskauf said...

I think you should definately paint the old floor boards in the checkerboard design , black and white is lovely and classic, why not .