Monday, 7 January 2008

Happy happy

Not that he reads this, but a big Happy Birthday to my husband today. We had a lovely little party yesterday for him and today he decided to take the day off as he did not feel that it was right to have his first day back at work be his birthday as well. So he just pottered around the house...oh and brought a Caravan!!!

Yes that's right...we have ourselves a 1977 12ft Caravan. It is the cutest little thing and I think it is perfect for the three of us. We got it from our next door neighbours who have owned it since 1977 (brand new) and for the past 8 years it has been stored in their garage and it is in perfect "Retro" condition. The only thing I will be changing is ripping out the carpet as they said it got too cold for them with just the lino and also changing the retro curtains (which I might add look new!). Can't wait for all the adventures we are going to have. But we decided that our first little trip has to be to Huskisson - our favourite little spot down the South Coast. Will take some photos and post later.

I have made two necklaces recently, mostly with my favourite thing...pearls.
I have also finally completed my hall stand and here are the after photos (I seem to have misplaced the before photos!!! great).

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chriskauf said...

That is a fantastic piece, so fresh , but everything is better with white, furniture anyway .